Vote Up! Engaging Young People in European Elections

Democracy, European Elections, Youth Vote

Neighborhood East: Overcoming Obstacles: Creative Strategies for Empowering Youth

Youth Participation, Eastern Partnership, Global Voices

Street Poetry

Poetic Intervention, Short-Lived, Anonymus Publishing

Getting to Yes – Basics of Negotiating

Negotiating, Interests, Active listening

Do “clean cars” exist? - Electromobility, climate justice and extractivism

 Climate Justice, Electromobility, Extractivism 

Racism and Roma Resistance

Racism, Lichtenhagen 1992, Roma Resistance

Becoming part of the movement: Solidarity Action Day for beginners

Youth, Impact, Fundraising 

Fighting conspiracy theories and their antisemitic core

Conspiracy, Speak Up, Counter Speech

Empowering Youth to challenge mental health stigma

Break The Stigma, Mental Health Matters, Your Voice Is Valuable

Building Grassroots Power through Hip Hop Activism

Hip Hop as an emancipatory artform

Playing to change the world

Human Rights, Activism, Gamification

Boost your activism! - Empowering LGBTQI+ Youth Voices and Dealing with challenging situations during events

Actvism, Challenges, LGBTQI

History and presence of Sinti and Roma

 Dikh He Na Bistar, Civil Rights, Against Antigypsyism 

Engaging Youth in Politics: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

 Youth Engagement, Active Citizenship, Yes Youth Can 

Bridging the Gap: Rural Youth Activism

Rural Change Makers, Changing Perspectives, Building Bridges 

Endometriosis as a political issue

Poltical Strategy, Endometriosis, Gender Health