Workshop overview

Climate justice and the fight against the right-wing politics

The climate crisis knows no borders.

Education and youth mobility in the EU of tomorrow

Are you interested in the EU, innovative ideas so as education and youth mobility?

Care Revolution - through activism for a care-centered future!

The current covid-pandemic shows that care ( as in medical care, caring for children, housework, elderly care etc.) is in the center of all life and that we all do depend on it through our life.

Get active now! Political activism and creative forms of protest!

In this interactive 2h long workshop we will look at different forms of political activism using selected examples.

Sustainability and education – where is the link?

Education is often a very overlooked field when it comes to the topic of sustainability.

Solidarity Action Day - your chance to make a change!

One of the main objectives of SAME is to spread the idea and concept of the Solidarity Action Day to new initiatives and organizations.

"(S)In(n)fluencer" - activism and climate action in the age of digitalisation!

Social Media are a part of everyday life - and for some, they ARE their everyday life.

Brain Drain - Impacts, Challenges and Self-Determination

One of the consequences of a further globalized world is the phenomena of brain drain.

What a Visual World! Social Media and Critical Thinking

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube - and even Twitter!

Children born of war

The Association „Forgotten children of war” advocates for legal and social recognition of children born of war.

The EU's policy of fortification at the land border along the "Balkan Route" - What can we do to oppose it?

Since the closure of the "formalized corridor" in 2015, the EU has been expanding an increasingly brutal border regime at its land borders.

What does climate change have to do with migration?

In this two-hour workshop, we want to have a look at the diverse topic that is migration, and analyse it in relation to climate and environmental changes. 

Inclusion in activism

As an activist you will always be campaigning and fight for change in the world around you, you may wish to reform systems and advocate for yourself and others.

Check Your Privilege

Practice what you preach: check your privilege, and think of solutions of how to use it for the better.

Living Democracy

We all know the term “Democracy” and have a more or less abstract idea of what it means.

Morning Yoga

We will take one hour in the morning to move our bodies and prepare them for the day.

Resources and conflicts: hard facts & creative/poetic approach

Together we will discover what resources are and how they are directly connected to actual global conflicts.

Feminism and the Digital Media - A Story of Love or Hate?

In our workshop on feminism in the digital age, we want to discuss the dangers and opportunities that arise from the use of social media.

Becoming Community

First there's an idea and next you realize you don't want to and can't make it happen on your own.

The Mediterranean Sea: Border of the EU or Border of European Human Rights?

According to the official sources ( , UNHCR) 251 persons have already gone missing in 2021, trying to cross the Mediterranean sea. There are probably many more unrecorded cases.

Is Instagram just a cooler form of a digital classroom?

Today’s world is changing fast. A global pandemic. Revolutions. Social movements. Sitting home engaging into change with a single tweet or an Instagram story seems More and more important.

Roma resistance and The Awakening. Film and discussion

The documentary film The Awakening by Kenan Emini (Roma Antidiscrimination Network) shows snapshots of the political and social situation of Roma in Europe: their fight for the right to stay, the consequences for those affected by deportation - especially for children and young people - and the shift to the right in Europe.

Racism, migration and climate justice activism

Due to the climate crisis, millions of people will have to flee in the coming decades.

" Classism is not an art epoch" or: an anti-classist introductory and awareness workshop

We will work out what is actually meant by "classicism" and who can be affected by it.

Individuals can('t) solve the climate crises

How much responsibility do individuals have concerning the climate crises?

Event Planing - the first steps

This workshop will take place during Act.ival Barcamp.

International youth exchange and its meaning concerning diversity and tolerance

In our workshop we want to first introduce you to Partnership International e.V., its values and how it is connected with other youth exchange organisations.