I was supposed to come to Germany in mid-July, but due to COVID-19, the start of my voluntary service takes place online. Thanks to today's technology, and all the advantages of modern times, I have not been deprived of the activities that are now taking place in Luebeck. Although conceived spontaneously, my online onboarding plan completely evokes the daily work in the office. It may seem strange and exhausting sometimes, but in any case, every day I get used to this kind of functioning more and more easily. Sometimes can be hard when I skip a session because physical presence is required, but I'm looking forward to apply my knowledge and skills when I finally arrive. Getting used to work in an office via a computer is not easy, but my previous experience with SAME helps me a lot, and also there is my colleague Francois who is genuinely helping me figuring out things that we are going to work on in the following year. 

After knowing the basics about volunteering and gathering thoughts together from all my experience, this onboarding helps me to get a clear picture of what I will be doing in the following year. With Francois together, who seems very friendly and funny, I will have a chance to contribute in this very great topic and event of "Solidarity Action Day”. Also I am very glad that we will together prepare seminars and workshops on various topics regarding youth, and their participation and involvement in the society.

I am really looking forward coming to Germany, and starting working actually from the Luebeck’s office! I’m very grateful for the effort that my colleagues from the office are putting to have me involved and onboard!