Only 3 weeks until the Summer Academy and so it was time for the future small group leaders (8 Samies from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany and Serbia) to get together at the “Trainers Boot Camp” in Lübeck. The seminar was going to prepare us on our role as moderators of the small groups as well as on the program of the Summer Academy.

The participants arrived till late in the night and we used the time to get to know each other. A specifically intense help for that was the Game “Halli Galli” that we played on the whole weekend over and over again and finally lead to our name #TeamHalliGalli. I am pretty sure some are exercising at home for the next round at the Summer Academy.

On Saturday we had our first workshop “Train the Trainers” at the SAME office. Lena, who held the workshop started with this: “You are all somehow experienced with workshops, methods, energizer. So, everything we do today is not primarily about learning new languages, but about the understanding when to use which method and why and how it affects the group." Understanding methods. With particularly beautiful flipcharts, case studies and experiments with our group we got to know soon what she meant by that.

On Sunday our main topic was the Summer Academy itself and the timeline therewith Andrea and Anke from the SAME office . After an overview of the whole program, we talked about our impressions and ideas. Some time slots were completely created by the small group leaders. In my opinion, it has a special impact on the Summer Academy that it was influenced by people from different organizations with diverse experiences. This is how SAME works for me and due to that and much more, I am looking forward to the Summer Academy!

15th July 2019 - Hannah Steiner