One of the aims of SAME is to support Member and Candidate organisations. There are three main concepts which we use to strengthen the organisation: Best Practice Exchange, Cross Border Meetings and our annual Summer Academy.

Best practice exchange

Best practice exchange refers to the experiences different organisations have. On the one hand organisations can exchange knowledge and experiences on our events – like the annual Summer Academy – but also through the existance of the SAME-network get in touch with each other and exchange experiences and their expertise in other ways.

Annual Summer Academy

Every year, the Summer Academy takes place in another country. In 2019, it will be held in Lübeck together with the German Solidarity Action Day organisation Schüler Helfen Leben. During the Summer Academy, every member organisation brings a delegation of motivated young people. These is usually of young volunteers, board members and activity participants. All these people get skills trainings and explore new topics, which can come in handy in the work they do in their own organisation. The organisations get to know each other better and support each other.

The Summer Academy end with the SAME General Assembly, where the next year will be planned. Are you joining?