Delegation of YOUCA wrote about the forth day of the Summer Academy. 

Loud German music playing at 8 o’clock?! That can only mean one thing: we’re at the SAME summer academy. After a good breakfast, Lucas from OD Denmark gives us a great presentation on a project they had in Greenland about mental health and how that sparked conversations on Greenlandic independence in Denmark. It was really inspiring to hear the impact OD Denmark could have on the public debate.

With a good cup of coffee in our hands we divided us into three groups. One group learned the best techniques for telling a story through photography. Before noon they learned all the necessary theory to be able to go out and do the field work in the afternoon. 

Others drew cartoons touching on solidarity topics we discussed during the past days. They learned everything from drawing round characters to using text bubbles to structuring their text. Their hard work resulted in some really inspiring comics. 

Finally the last group took out their pens to write to their hearts desire. Various writing exercises warmed up our writing muscles which enabled us to write some amazing slam poets and short stories. 

After that we brushed our hairs, freshened up our looks and took some beautiful group pictures. All our hard work got rewarded with a really cozy vegetarian barbecue with all of us together. Right now we can’t wait to start the intercultural night to get started and to get to know the other countries even better in a comedic way.

The project is funded by the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE program of the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future".