Delegation of Schueler Helfen Leben wrote about the first day of the Summer Academy. 

On Sunday we had the presentation of the member organisations and a session that was meant to tell us what SAME is all about. But already before that started I woke up, opened the window and saw people jumping into the lake – I really appreciate your morning energy guys. After I took a shower and was listening to the powerful Summer Academy Playlist on Spotify (check the QR-Code on the papers around! ) I was also able to start the day in a proper way. But back to what happened: The day started with the first connection of people participating in Sarajevo and Bad Malente via Zoom. After that, for the getting to know SAME session, we were playing a game in which we had to fulfill tasks to achieve hints for solving a riddle. The riddle was about searching for the right IP-Adress to catch a hacker that tried to attack the SAME-Network (just fictional!). During the session we learned a lot about the history and structure of SAME. Afterwards every delegation prepared a presentation about their organisation and presented it to the group. It was really nice to see how differently the organisations are structured and what they actually do – but still, there is this one thing that connects us all – the solidarity action day and the participation of young people in the process behind. After having lunch and the more topic orientated part of the day we started the SAME Olympics which included funny outdoor games and a lot of fun besides.

If I would have to describe the first day of the Summer Academy in  one word, I would use excitement, because it was a great teaser to what will happen the next days.

The project is funded by the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE program of the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future".