We are very happy that we have been granted another study session by the advisory council on youth of the Council of Europe! This time we are going to Strasbourg, France and the title of our session will be: Local activism for international dialogue and global impact – The Solidarity Action Day as means for youth to stand up for international solidarity.

During the five-day study session in the Council of Europe’s European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, you will be one of 30 young people with different cultural backgrounds from all over Europe who will explore the potential of the Solidarity Action Day as a foundation for sustainable peace. By learning with and from each other about respect and cultural diversity, you will gain a new perspective on Europe and the impact we can have together.

For you, the event offers a unique opportunity to learn about the concept of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and peacebuilding initiatives in combination with the framework of the SAD. With this in mind, you will get all the tools for organising or strengthening the Solidarity Action Day in your local community. At the same time, you will get an insight into the work of the Council of Europe.

group picture of the last study session in Budapest

Practical information 

  • date: 05.03-11.03.2023 (including arrival and departure day)
  • location: European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France
  • age: 16-25 (exceptions possible)
  • language: English
  • fee: 50 euros (including accomodation and meals)
  • travel costs will be reimbursed 
  • number of participants: 30
  • appliciations deadine: 11.12.2022

Programme overview

05/03 Arrival day
06/03 Introduction and Teambuilding; SAME, Council of Europe
07/03 Diversity and Inclusion
08/03 Intercultural dialogue
09/03 Peacebuilding through the Solidarity Action Day & skill trainings
10/03 Planning/improving your (first) Solidarity Action Day
11/03 Departure day

Applications closed