Do you want to participate in the seminar?

Our next seminar will take place from 14th - 17th of November in Lübeck Germany.


Outline of the seminar 

During the seminar, young activists from all over Europe will be provided with the necessary tools to implement the Solidarity Action Day in their own country or region. After the Seminar, we support you in the implementation of your Solidarity Action Day.

Goals for the seminar

Get to know SAME and the concept of the Solidarity Action Day
Understand the principles and values behind the Solidarity Action Day
Take the first steps towards organising your Solidarity Action Day
Create an action plan for the implementation of a pilot project
Get project management skills, which support you in organising an Action Day
Get an understanding of youth-led organisations, democratic decision making and development cooperation

Practical information

Please register your interest via:

All travel costs as well as accommodation and meals during the seminar will be covered by SAME. However, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of 30€ per participant.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact:

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