The Act.ival 2022 brought together active youth from all over Europe. During this weekend we have exchanged our visions for the future of Europe. In various ways we worked on the topics of Diversity and Democracy, Change and Climate Action, Mobility and Migration. But how can we as young people, with all our visions and ideas, get involved and act in Europe today?

With our guest on the panel we wanted to discuss how we, young people, can bring attention to our thoughts and ideas, get involved in politics and society, take part in decision making processes and ask: Is there a place for youth today?

Moderation: Cornelius Gesing


  • Delara Burkhardt, Member of the European Parliament, SPD from Germany
  • Srđan Petković, Project coordinator (Education and policies) with Schüler Helfen Leben Bosnia and Herzegowina
  • Verena Fisch,  Activist from Endometriosis Association Germany
  •  Monika Zielińska, Activist from Salam Lab Poland


panel guests