If you want to organise a Solidarity Action Day in your own region or country, do not hesitate and sign up for our Start-Up Seminar in Lübeck, Germany (14/03-17/03/2019).

During the seminar we will explain the Solidarity Action Day concept and we will explore the ideas and values behind it. Together with like-minded youth from all over Europe you will be provided with all the tools to implement your own Solidarity Action Day. During the seminar you will be inspired with innovative workshops and you will get many new ideas. After the Seminar, we support you in the implementation of your Solidarity Action Day.

As a group of young people or as a youth organisation you are encouraged to sign up with a delegation of 1-3 members who are comfortable with working in English. SAME will take over the costs for traveling, accommodation and food for each of the participants. However, we are asking for a voluntary contribution per participant (suggested contribution: 30 €).

For registration please check: https://bit.ly/2TDnJ9q

Please, note that the deadline for signing up is 7st of February 2019.

If you are interested in organising a Solidarity Action Day, but you are not able to join the Start-Up Seminar, contact us. We can support you in many other ways and provide you with the necessary information.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact anke.steenwegen@same-network.org.

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Why should you organise a Solidarity Action Day?

Stand up for young people in difficult living circumstances
Whether they have to deal with poverty, discrimination or migration – you support young people of your age.

Make your voice heard
With the Solidarity Action Day you take a stand for democracy and against xenophobia and racism.

Discover your dream job
At the Solidarity Action Day you have the opportunity to become acquainted with different professions. You gain experiences and contacts that might be helpful for future internships, trainings or jobs.

Change in your everyday school life
The Solidarity Action Day is nothing like your ordinary school day. You decide what you do on this day: Being the president for one day, working in a bakery or you can also organise various fundraising activities together with your classmates instead of looking for a single job (e.g. selling cakes, charity runs or charity concerts).