Since 1964, Operasjon Dagverk gives ca. 90 000 Norwegian students the chance to work for one day on the last Thursday of October. Together, they raise about 26 500 000 NOK a year.

We have many slogans, such as “by, with and for youth, against indifference and ignorance”, “Youth- Regardless,” “The World is Sick – You Are the Medicine,” and “Education for Liberation!”

Operasjon Dagsverk started out at the General Assembly of the School Student Union of Norway in 1963. The idea arose that the Norwegian students were working hard for students in Norway, but that they should expand. Students in other countries don’t have the same possibilities as we do, so we should work for them as well.

Since then, we have supported education programs in other parts of the world and also evolved into an organization that holds an important information campaign, since we believe change must not only happen in development countries, but also in the mindsets and policies of rich countries.

Operasjon Dagsverk volunteers

Kolstadgata 1 0652 Oslo Norway