During my stay in Montenegro I met many interesting people and learned a lot about how UNSCG works. I had a chance to participate in a number of workshops and got to know with which problems the secondary school students in Montenegro are dealing with are.

On the first day of the GA I held a presentation about SAME. I presented the delegates who we are, what we do and how they can get involved in our activities. Many people seemed very interested in our work, which is something I am particularly glad about.

During the GA weekend delegates had the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops on youth-related topics such as youth culture, youth rights, mental health, peer violence and discrimination.

One of the topics was also the Solidarity Action Day. The new delegates were introduced to the concept, while the ones that had previous experience discussed the ways to improve the quality of the project implementation in the next years.

Representing SAME on this event was truly an amazing experience. Seeing so many motivated young people at one place influenced me to work even harder and reminded me of the importance of work that SAME and its member organizations do. Montenegro’s charming scenery and hospitality of the people also contributed greatly to the overall experience

Marko Petrovic