Registrations for our first seminar about solidarity and diversity taking place via Zoom from January 15-17, 2021 are open now!

Diversity - what is that actually? We live in different countries, have unequal incomes, look divers and love in various ways. Some people get through life easier, more privileged, than others. Differences have long been used (and are still used) to divide, separate, sort out, discriminate or even hurt and destroy people. 

Recognizing diversity and discrimination is the basis for acting in solidarity. In this weekend seminar we will therefore embark on a journey of discovery: How did different forms of discrimination emerge among societies? Where are they found today in our everyday life, in language, politics and culture? Our own biographies will receive special attention to shed some light onto these questions. With interactive methods, alone and in a group, we invite you to look at yourself: where did you enjoy privileges, where did you discriminate, where were you oppressed, where did you show solidarity? And how can this knowledge be a basis for future action? In this seminar you can learn how to act up against discrimination – in your personal life, in your work-field or your volunteering.

You do not need to have any previous knowledge to participate in the seminar. What is needed is the willingness to get involved in personal matters and urge to experience new things.



Friday, January 15

15:00 - Start and getting to know each other

16:30 - What is diversity?

19:00 - Evening warm up


Saturday, January 16

10:00 - Joint start

10:30 - Discrimination and privileges

13:00 - Lunch break

14:30 - Societal power structures

18:00 - End


Sunday, January 17

10:00 - Start and getting to know each other

10:30 - Allied and in solidarity against discrimination

13:00 - Lunch break

14:00 - Evaluation and outlook

15:00 - End


Practical information

  • Date: January 15-17, 2021
  • Place: online
  • Language: English
  • Number of participants: 15-20
  • Age: 16-23 (exceptions possible)
  • Required equipment: an online capable PC/notebook/netbook/tablet with camera (no smartphone)
  • Software: Zoom (no installation required; link will be shared before the event)
  • Registration deadline: January 5, 2021


About the trainers

  • Julian Knop, white, is 30 years old and lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg. He enjoys working with youth and adults on diversity and democracy. Julian is gay and queer, has no university degree, comes from a working-class family and knows what it is like to have chronic, mental illness. He is part of the collective stuhlkreis_revolte. Learn more about Julian at
  • Fabian Schrader is white, 30 years old and lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Fabian is a passionate theater pedagogue and loves to conquer stages with all kinds of people in participatory formats. Fabian is homosexual and queer, grew up in the countryside in East Germany and comes from a family of academics. He is part of the collective stuhlkreis_revolte. Find out more at


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