Power of youth, for me the most fascinating aspect about SAME. Since I started in 2016 with an internship in this great organisation it was completely stunning for me. The wish to do something, the wish to create something big.


However, it was not an easy decision to apply for a voluntary service in the SAME office in Lübeck. One the one side I was curious to get a look behind the scenes of the organisation. I was interested in organising events like the SAME Summer Academy but especially I liked the idea to be full time part of SAME. Nevertheless, on the other side it scared me to make this step. Move to another country far away from home where I know nobody. Furthermore, I don’t like it to “lose” a year which I could use for University or something else. In the end the positive aspects won.

My first day in Lübeck was horrible, my train was 2 hours delayed the weather was bad and I had no flat. But I was happy. I was sure I made the right decision. Time flies and now, I am at the end of my Voluntary service. For sure there was ups and downs, but which stages of life don’t have them? However, I will never regretmy decision. It’s so nice to work in a team like we have it in Lübeck right now, it’s nice to work around topic which concerns me and all the youth on earth.


To all youngsters who have with the idea to do a voluntary service at SAME I can say: Take the plunge and get surprised how much you can get out of it!