There is only so much youngsters can offer, with their innovativity and creativity. Our democratic participation promotes active citizenship, while strengthening institutions, the society and the rule of law.

Matija Maraš, European Solidarity Seminar II participant

As a high school student, democracy is a topic that is more than appealing to me. Due to the corona virus pandemic, we do not have enough opportunities to socialize and meet new people; and especially young people from all over Europe.

It was another motive to sign up and discuss such an interesting and significant topic with young people  from different backgrounds. I was extremely pleased that most of the seminars focused on our personal opinions and expressions of views on democracy. I think it is very important that young people express critical thinking, especially when it is well moderated like this time. Therefore, it is extremely useful to me that we mentioned that fair, frequent, and well-managed elections are essential in a democracy. And also that I heard something more about key features of democracy such as: respect for basic human rights, respect for the rule of law, citizen participation. In the end, this seminar was very interactive and that’s what I liked the most.

On the third day of the seminar we had a great chance to talk about the practical use of democracy, and one of those ways is Solidarity Action Day.

As someone who was a participant in this project, and had a tremendous benefit and a nice experience from this day; I was more than glad to see that the other participants recognized the importance of this project and how it promotes the democratic value and social activity of young people.