In this online training course you can deepen your practical and theoretical knowledge about the topic "hate on the internet and how to react on it".

The online group training offers the possibility:

  • to experience and work on theoretically discussed phenomena practically
  • to better understand the central dynamics and mechanisms of hate interaction by means of role-playing
  • work on a scenario of your choice on different issues and forms of discrimination
  • learn and try out effective strategies against hate on the internet
  • to jointly evaluate and reflect on experiences in role play
  • to develop helpful approaches together

The core element of the moral courage training is the role play in which you will slip into various roles involved in a hate incident (hater, intervener and spectator). This offers the advantage of learning helpful strategies and procedures based on experiences - which is particularly effective.


A reliable internet connection and ideally a computer or laptop. We will send you the login for the training platform shortly before the webinar. Besides we recommend a headset for better sound quality.


The training is done by Love-Storm - Together Against Hate on the Internet. Love-Storm works against the wave of hate, degradation and insults on the internet with a movement of digital civil courage. Many internet users want to stand up for a positive cooperation on the internet but do not know how. They want to enable interested and engaged people to effectively counteract hate and cyber-bullying on the internet.

They have created a platform where you can train counter-arguments online, participate in actions against hate, report hate comments and exchange with other active people. Attacted people will be protected, spectators are encouraged to show civil courage and the attachers will be set limits without violence.

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