Are you a young person interested in climate action, migration, democracy and diversity? Then join our brand-new and interactive European Solidarity Seminars.

Registrations for our online seminar "Change and Climate Action" taking place June 18-20 2021, are open now!

About the event

Climate Change and rising global temperatures are no longer only concerns of scientists and small groups of environmental activists. The public seems to know, there is something happening to this planet and that there is a need for action. More and more people become part of movements such as Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion. Sustainability is the new focus, from personal lifestyle to business development. However, we find ourselves in discussions with people who believe climate change is nothing but a hoax, whilst certain regions in Europe and all around the world are already experiencing its impacts. Politicians seem to care more about being reelected than bringing innovative and strict policies for climate protection on the way. But is that really the case? Where do we stand in Europe? What does the 1.5°C-goal mean and how does it differ from other futures?

In this seminar we want to explore scientific information on what climate change actually means and what impacts goalposts like the 1.5°C goal have. What is our vision of a sustainable future? We want to ask ourselves how climate action can look like and find leverage points for positive changes. We will find out how we can influence these developments in our own lifestyle but also whose responsibility sustainability is in general. What else can we do, other than using reusable straws and knitting cute bracelets from recycled yoghurt cups?

This seminar is part of our European Solidarity Seminar series. Read more about upcoming Solidarity Seminars here:

The event is organised by our member organisation Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) in co-operation with SAME. SHL is the biggest relief organization led by young people in Germany and one of the founding members of SAME. SHL supports youth and education projects in Southeastern Europe, Jordan and Germany in the areas of antidiscrimination, youth activism and support of refugees.

 About the trainer

Juli Vorig is 22 years old and currently living in Lüneburg where she studies Global Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. After some years as part of SHL, she did her voluntary service as a youth-trainer for political activism and participation.  She is passionate about sustainability and feminism and specifically interested in the intersections of both topics. At the moment she is figuring out what her activism can look like in covid times and is excited to take this seminar as a starting point.

Practical information

  • Place: online
  • Language: English
  • Number of participants: 20
  • Age: 16-25 (exceptions possible)
  • Required equipment: an online capable PC/notebook/tablet with camera (no smartphone)
  • Software: Zoom (no installation required)
  • Registration deadline: 13 June, 2021

Programme (all times are CET)

Friday, June 18

16.00 - Start and getting to know each other

17.00 - What climate change really means and why we have to fight it

18.30 - Break

19.00 - Evening warm-up

19.30 - Reflection

20.00 - End

Saturday, June 19

10.00 - Joint start

10.30 - Climate change in Europe and the world

12.00 - What future do we want to live in?

13.30 - Lunch break

15.00 - Leverage points for a desirable future

16.00 - Design of action strategies

18.00 - Wrap up

18.30 - End

Sunday, June 20

10.00 - Joint start

10.30 - Climate action in Europe

12.30 - Lunch break

13.30 - Kick off

15.00 - Outlook and reflection

15.30 - Evaluation

16.00 - End