Member organisations and conditions for membership

Member organisations of the association are organisations or unions:

  1. which are primarily run and controlled by youth;
  2. which work with and for youth;
  3. which implement a Solidarity Action Day on a national or regional scale;
  4. which share the ideals behind the association's purposes, vision, principles and quality guidelines.

There can be more than one member organisation per country however international umbrella organisations cannot be member organisations. Membership cannot be transferred to another organisation.

Application for membership

  1. To apply for membership, the organisation must be a candidate organisation of SAME, and this for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
  2. Application for membership must be submitted in writing to SAME's Board.
  3. The applicant organisation will receive an answer within 4 months.
  4. In case of non-admission, SAME is obliged to inform the applicant about the reasons.

Rights and obligations of member organisations

  1. have the right to participate in the actions, events and work of SAME;
  2. have the right to speak and vote at the General Assembly;
  3. have to pay an annual financial contribution to the extent this is foreseen in the internal regulations of SAME.


Candidacy is a period for SAME and a potential member organisation of SAME to decide whether membership could be considered or not.

Candidate organisations have to meet the conditions for membership and have the rights and obligations of member organisations, except for:

  1. a candidate organisation or union doesn't need to have a Solidarity Action Day yet though it has to be in the process of implementing the Solidarity Action Day
  2. they don't have a right to vote;
  3. they don't have to pay an annual financial contribution.

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