Are you between 16 - 23 years old and want to make your voice heard & shape our future? Are you interested in learning and discussing about important social issues together with other young people from all over Europe? Then you should join the Act.ival for Future for an unforgettable experience.

About Act.ival for Future

During the Act.ival for Future 2024, you will meet up with more the 200 young people from all over Europe to learn, exchange ideas and inspire each other. You will engage in workshops and debates which will offer you interesting insights into a variety of issues connected to youth activism and human rights and inspire you to act! Discussions, workshops, games, music, art and much more will get you into the festival spirit of this unique event. You can expect a diverse and unique program. In 2024, we are organising Act.ival with the vision to empower you to get informed, take a stand and act for Human Rights!

Target group

The European youth conference is made for everyone aged 16 to 23 who is active in civil society or want to change something. Your engagement can come in different types and shapes. For example, you can be active in a SAME member organization, be a member of a student council or a political youth party, or you can be an activist, a sport group trainer, a trainer in a youth club, involved in your local fire brigade or in assisting elderly people. Simply put, there are many ways to engage!

By connecting you with other young activists from all over Europe, we would like to lift your activism to the next level - because we are convinced: You(th) make(s) change happen.

official application phase is over
. If you filled out the form before February 4th, expect an email with the results shortly after the selection deadline.

Day 1_Act.ival 2024
Day 2_Act.ival 2024
Day 3_Act.ival 2024
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