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Once the idea of the SAME network was consolidated, we started thinking about how we could work efficiently as a group. The annual general assembly is held at Summer Camp and it is during this event that key decisions are taken. However, we keep on working throughout the year. In order to achieve this, we have organised ourselves in working groups. Day-to-day activities and interactions between working groups are coordinated by the Secretariat, while the Council represents the member organizations.

SAME Structure

Working groups

At the moment, SAME has 3 active working groups. In these long-term groups, volunteers from our member organizations work together on projects concerning a certain topic.

Publicity is in charge of spreading the word about SAME. They developed our house style and keep our website and social media up to date.
Research & Finance on the other hand, make proposals for ideological documents like the vision and aims. They are also investigating how we should structure ourselves in order to be both transparent and flexible enough to allow for changes due to new members to joining our network.
Quality & New Action Day initiatives is the most recent working group. They developed the Quality Guidelines and now want to encourage their use, both within the current member organizations and as a tool for new Action Day initiatives that want to join the network. To give extra support to these new initiatives, they are working on a Solidarity Action Day starter’s kit.


The Board is in charge of the daily management and administration of the association. Board members do not represent their member organizations but the association. The Board is also responsible for convening the General Assembly. You can meet the actual members on Council & Secretariat.


Council members represent their member organizations and meet approximately four times a year to debate proposals of the Secretariat and the working groups. The Council Coordinating Organisation coordinates and chairs the meetings and the work of the Council. Furthermore, the Council Coordinating Organisation is responsible for proposing compromises and mediate between member organisations, representing the Council towards the public as well as towards other persons and bodies within the association, submitting a report on the Council's activities to the Secretariat before the General Assembly and presenting the activities of the Council at the General Assembly. You can see the actual members on Council & Secretariat.

General assembly

On 30/07/2015, during the 2015 Summer Camp in Norway, the first General Assembly in the history of SAME took place. This was the first step towards the legal foundation of SAME, which formally happened later that year, on 20th of November. The General Assembly had 70 participants from 9 organizations in 8 countries, and saw the approval of the new organizational structure, of the working group mandates and of the statutes of SAME. This new framework will allow further developments of SAME, expanding his network and helping to spread the Solidarity Action Day Movement.